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Ele transformou um antigo ônibus escolar na minicasa perfeita

Kai Branss reformou o automóvel antigo e criou uma casa sobre rodas funcional e aconchegante

O que você faria se encontrasse um ônibus escolar antigo, no meio da rua? Provavelmente nada, certo? Pois bem, o alemão Kai Branss e sua esposa, Julie, decidiram usar o automóvel para criar a sua própria minicasa sobre rodas. Um dia, os dois encontraram à venda este ônibus amarelo, bem tradicional, como aqueles usados para o transporte escolar norte-americano, e o compraram no dia seguinte.

O objetivo, porém, não era manter o propósito original do veículo, mas transformá-lo completamente em uma casa funcional e prática, que pudesse ajudar o casal a viajar o mundo. Os dois não tinham ideia de como fazer essa transição, mas alguns meses depois de começarem o projeto, ficam muito contentes de ver o que conseguiram conquistar com o trabalho duro.

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Para isso, eles tiram absolutamente tudo o que tinha dentro do ônibus, deixando só a lataria, e começaram do zero. Sem saber muito bem o que priorizar, eles optaram por dar destaque para os dois pontos mais importantes: dormir confortavelmente e cozinhar com tranquilidade.

O resultado é uma minicasa rústica que tem esses elementos como os pontos de maior destaque. O melhor de tudo é que a própria construção conta com elementos reciclados: muita da madeira usada para os armários é reaproveitada de outros lugares, como tacos de chão de madeira descartados ou pedaços de caixas para transporte de vegetais.

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We finally finished our interior and „hit the road“ immediately to give it a real world check. This is so much more than we ever expected it to be and we are totally in love with our bus. Our new „slide-out“ table is for sure the unexpected highlight, besides the expected one – our woodstove. I will do an extended room tour soon, so stick around to see all the little features we put into it. Unfortunately our steering gearbox broke down yesterday, so I guess the work never stops with this bus. 2 great guys from a small Mechanikshop helped us out with some oil so we can make it home alright. Great to see that there are so many helpful people out there. • • • • #vanlifemovement #vanlifers #vanlifejournal #projectvanlife #vanlifediaries #vandwelling #vanlifeinspiration #campervans #vanlifeviews #vanlifeideas #homeiswhereyouparkit #vansofgermany #skoolielife #outboundliving #openroadlife #skoolies #vanlifedistrict #therollinghome #campervan #vanvibes #projectvanlife #thisisvanlifeing #vanlifemagazine #vangirlsrule #vanconversion #vanliving #vanlifecamper #skoolieconversion #shortbus

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SWIPE for Room Tour Part II. sleeping / living space 😍. The drawers for our clothes work just brilliant. The inside is designed in Sweden 😉 and pulls out when you open the drawers and collapses after use. We are absolutely happy with this solution and I can recommend that to 💯. The unexpected highlight of the living space is our „pullout“ table. We used heavy duty sliders so there are no legs etc. needed. Pulls out and collapses in milliseconds. The best thing though is that you can pull out only as much table space as you need. Just a cup of coffee or an arm rest when you are relaxing in front of the stove, minimum pullout. Dinner with guests? Pullout maximum. So you always keep a maximum of free space in the living room for changing clothes or even dancing 🕺😉. Since we didn’t really plan our build, this really was an pretty unexpected highlight. A big bookshelf in the back is great for extra storage as well as cats 🐈. By the way, meet our part time van cat Jab 😸. She loves sleeping up there when we are out climbing. The next true highlight is the disabled entrance side door. Having this open gives an enormous feel of space and is like having a huge veranda 🐿🍀🌲☀️. This also doubles as our beloved outside kitchen space wich you can discover in Room Tour Part III coming up. If you have any ideas, suggestions, comments please let us know in the comments below. As we hit the road again today we wish you all a awesome weekend with small and big adventures out there 😍☀️ • • • • #vanlifemovement #vanlifers #vanlifejournal #projectvanlife #vanlifediaries #vandwelling #vanlifeinspiration #campervans #vanlifeviews #vanlifeideas #homeiswhereyouparkit #vansofgermany #skoolielife #outboundliving #openroadlife #skoolieconversion #vanlifedistrict #therollinghome #campervan #skoolies #projectvanlife #thisisvanlifeing #vanlifemagazine #cubicminiwoodstove #itsvanlife #nativevanlife #vanliving #vanlifecamper #campeveryday #busconversion

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Swipe for our Room Tour Part I 😍 I had so many requests for a room tour of our build, so here it is. Kick off is the view from the sleeping/livingspace incl. our loved „entertainment area“ the cubic mini. The burning fire ads so much warmth to the whole place and makes it super cosy. It was important to us to keep our build spacious. There is a true cabin feeling inside 🌲🐿⛰On the left is our kitchen counter with sink and quite a bit of storage space underneath. Since we wanted to use a portable gas stove to be able to cook outside as well, we didn’t build a fixed one into the kitchen area. In the drawers we have dishes, food supplies as well as our freshwater tank, our compost toilet and our 200ah batteries. I will show these later on. The front of the drawers are made of reclaimed old berlin loft wood flooring. We left those basically as we got them. They are just sanded a little bit. The whole build is done by ourselves and you probably can tell we are not carpenters, so we just call it style 😉 Let us know what you think and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. 🔨😍 • • • • #vanconversions #vanlifers #vanlifejournal #projectvanlife #vanlifediaries #vandwelling #vanlifeinspiration #campervans #skoolieconversion #vanlifeideas #homeiswhereyouparkit #vansofgermany #skoolielife #outboundliving #openroadlife #skoolies #vanlifedistrict #therollinghome #campervan #livingsmall #projectvanlife #thisisvanlifeing #vanlifemagazine #camperlicious #alternativeliving #vanliving #vanlifecamper #campeveryday #cubicminiwoodstove #busconversion

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