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Casal mora em um trailer com 95 plantas e 5 pets

Brendan e Sam Binger largaram tudo para viver na estrada atravessando os Estados Unidos

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One year ago today, we packed up everything we owned and rolled away from our home state of twenty-three years. We bade farewell to family and friends, and began our journey from New Jersey to California over the course of the ten days that followed. At that point, we had only left the East Coast a handful of times and really had no idea what to expect. All we knew was that we were headed towards adventure. . Fast forward a year later, and we love this lifestyle even more than we ever expected to. We have grown in unimaginable ways, personally, as a couple, and in our businesses. We've thoroughly explored five states (California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and now Arizona), with plans to see many more. We've parked our home in the desert, beside the ocean, alongside lakes and rivers, high up in the mountains, among pines (😉), in farmlands and valleys, and so much more. We have no idea what the future holds, but we have no immediate plans to stop living this lifestyle and hope to continue traveling indefinitely. We feel so fortunate to be living this lifestyle, and we are so grateful to all of you who have chosen to follow along. ❤ Happy one year #roadiversary to us. 🎉🤗🥂 ~Sam . PS – Check out our story for a mini-recap of our first year on the road. 🤗

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Na hora em que decidiram comprar um trailer e transformá-lo em sua nova casa móvel, que os levaria para viajar pelos Estados Unidos, os americanos Brendan e Sam Binger sabiam que não podiam deixar seus cinco pets e suas 95 plantas para trás.

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We brought our RV home mid-July 2016, and we began remodeling it almost immediately. However, we never actually completed all the projects that we had intended to do before we hit the road mid-December 2016. Between ramping up our businesses to become our full-time income, tying ends at our 9-5s, packing our things, and preparing our house for tenants, there just wasn't enough time to complete the remodel. We left with every intention of finishing the remainder of the projects within the first few months on the road, but that hasn't happened yet either… . All this being said, we are planning to complete everything this January, and we couldn't be more excited! Plans include refinishing the countertops, a revamp on the cab section (goodbye brown chairs and dash), and removing the carpet on the ceiling/painting it white, among many other minor touch-ups. I know it's a ways off, but thinking about finishing this place gets me so excited!! Has anyone else completed renovations or touch-ups on their rig while still in the road? ~Sam #PhileasRemodel

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Assim, o casal começou o site Life Among Pines, onde eles contam sobre a reforma extensa que fizeram no trailer, assim como no carro que compraram para acompanhar a viagem. Mas o principal é: como eles conseguiram espaço para tudo?

Para fazer o espaço render, todos os mobiliários ficam encostados nas laterais do trailer  – isso vale tanto para o sofá, quanto para a cozinha e os bancos que compõem a sala de jantar. Na área social, armários superiores oferecem mais opções para armazenamento e emolduram a janela.

No décor, Brendan e Sam não tiveram medo de apostar em cores vibrantes e estampas. Na sala, as cortinas têm estampa tipo chevron – o padrão também aparece nas almofadas. Já os assentos dos bancos ganharam uma padronagem com flechas.

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I posted this photo nearly a year ago with some sort of well-intentioned caption about how I loved our kitchen but couldn't wait to redo the countertops soon. Well, we didn't get to the counters as quickly as we'd hoped, and, until yesterday, they looked exactly the same as they did in this photo. 😬😆 The only think I changed since last year is that I moved the herbs to the plant corner of our dashboard permanently, so that they receive enough light during the day. 🌿 . If you've seen our story, you'll know that we're currently working to recover these counters. We're doing some sort of paint/epoxy chip process that we're super excited about. So go check out our story if you're interested in how we're redoing our counters, and keep your eyes peeled for some photos of the final product! 💪🏼🙌🏼 ~Sam #PhileasRemodel

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Na cozinha, os armários foram pintados com um tom forte de azul. Para unificar o look, as mesmas cores e estampas aparecem também na decoração do quarto.

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I love seeing this view of the mountains outside our window each morning. We call this window/countertop the "plant nook," as it is home to one of several careful configurations that allow us to travel safely with our indoor garden. Bren built the window box out of raw wood, which I painted white and sealed with a waterproof wood sealant; this box houses many of our potted plants. . . The two succulent terrariums to the left were secured in place with hose clamps. The two hanging mason jar set-ups on the right were built based on inspiration from a craft video, and these were then screwed into the wall for permanent placement. The hose clamps can be loosened to move the plants for watering or better lighting if necessary. As you can see, there is still more room in front of the window box and on the left wall for more plants. 😉🌿 ~S #LifeAmongPlants #PhileasRemodel

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Para abrigar tantas plantas – ao todo são 95! –, alguns acessórios foram necessários. Na cozinha, além do suporte para temperos e frutas, uma barra de metal dá suporte para sete vasos metálicos.

Na sala, plantas aéreas ficam presas na parede e um vaso suspenso exibe uma espécie vistosa. Além disso, vasos convencionais foram distribuídos por todo o trailer!

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My grandma is a Christmas decorator-extraordinaire. She has a tradition of placing "a tree in every room," all themed with various color concepts, and, growing up, I always looked forward to her Christmas house tour each year. Others loved her home too, and people often walked by her Victorian house at Christmastime and spent awhile admiring the scene. . I published our Christmas RV tour a few days ago, and I sent her the link to the blog post, so she could see our "tree in each room" in her honor. (Our bedroom tree is featured here). Her main reaction was, "You let complete strangers on the internet see the inside of your home?!" 🤣 To which I more or less explained that yes, I do. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite features from the inside of our little home all decorated for the holidays. 😆 Link in bio to the full tour if you'd like to see more. 🎄🎄 ~Sam #PhileasChristmas

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Abaixo, confira mais fotos da casa de Brendan e Sam

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We haven't been posting as often as usual lately, mainly because we haven't been doing that much exploring. Most days over the last week have looked like this: 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻. . Over the summer/fall, we wanted to see as much of the PNW as we could, so we pulled a lot of long work/explore day combos. It was fun, and we saw many amazing things, but it was also super tiring. 😪 We've decided to slow things way down this winter (and maybe forever), mainly for our own sanity and also so that we have more time to work and explore on separate days. It's also been fun to spend a lot of time in our little home while it's all decked out for Christmas. ✨🎄 Wishing everyone a cheery and relaxing Christmas season! 🤗❤ ~Sam #PhileasRemodel #PhileasChristmas #LifeAmongPets

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